"Based on our experience with the data base, I think CAMS can be a perfect tool for agencies who are looking to do their own internal research and evaluations."

On Our Partnership.

"Since we developed a community research partnership with PLEA Community Services and Douglas College's Faculty of Child, Family, and Community Studies in 2007, we have been working with data collected through CAMS to carry out research projects and program evaluations of PLEA services. CAMS is also used by John Howard North Island, who have recently joined the community research partnership.

This allows us to conduct meaningful community engaged research in communities outside the Lower Mainland. As a result we are learning more about what is most effective in working with some of the province's most troubled youth in both urban and more rural settings in an efficient and effective way which would simply not be feasible without CAMS."

- Annie Smith, Executive Director, McCreary Centre Society

"The organization has a strong commitment to developing creative technological solutions to aid the documentation of its therapeutic process through the development of its clinical software system, CAMS.

CAMS has been proven to be a user-friendly clinical documentation system that allows for continuity of care and aids in the management of services for persons served. CAMS has the capacity to function as an electronic record, tracking outcomes. The system has been so successful that the system has innovatively branched out and has allowed other providers to purchase the system."

- PLEA's 2012 CARF Survey Report

"Since using CAMS, managers are now saving 70% of the time they used to spend collecting information."

- Tim Veresh, Executive Director, The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of BC

"CAMS is user friendly and easy to understand. In addition, the technical support is prompt and efficient so that their response time to trouble shooting is unparalleled. Our agency has been completely satisfied with the CAMS program."

- Lorraine Short, Langley Community Services Society

"It is web-based which means access from home and work. Security features are built in and we benefit from the secure site. Roll up reports of all kinds make access to stats really easy. Information that may be needed for grant applications or funders are accessible easily and at a touch of a button."

-Ilse Schafli, MRPM Community Services