What are the benefits of using CAMS?

  • It meets your reporting requirements
  • It protects information privacy and security
  • It ensures data entered is correct
  • Data entered once can be used in many places, saving time
  • Reports are designed to ensure information is neither under or over reported
  • It helps develop consistency across the agency.

Who owns the data?

  • All data is owned by your agency.
  • Should the agency cease to use CAMS its data will be returned.
  • No data will be used in any way without the permission of the agency

Where is the data stored?

  • All data is backed up and stored in Canada.

Do I have to install anything on my computer?

  • No
  • As CAMS is a web based program, reviewing the protection provided for your computer network is a wise step.

Where can I access CAMS?

  • Anywhere in Canada there is an internet connection.

Do Help Desk staff and programmers sign a confidentiality agreement and require police and Correctional Services Canada clearance?

  • Yes

What security measures are in place to ensure only authorized personnel have access to the data?

  • Each agency has control of their data base. The system requires a double log on process using a unique user name and password. Any data transfer is protected by an SSL Certificate.

What privacy measures are in place to limit access to those who authorized to see records?

  • CAMS uses an Access Control List that grants or denies access based on the user and their type of account.

What checks are in place to ensure data is accurate?

  • CAMS reports are designed so data can be reviewed quickly & effectively
  • The number of search engines and built in reports allows data to be cross referenced and tested to ensure reliability.