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CAMS is a cloud-based case administration and management system for community and social services agencies.

It is used by more than 40 agencies throughout Canada that vary in size, complexity, and geography.


The system securely stores client data and provides tools to analyze and process that data.

Easy to Use

CAMS flows with the life of a case – from referral to discharge – in a manner so intuitive it makes it easy for both workers and managers to use.

  • User friendly
  • Looks like case files, not a database
  • Very short learning curve
  • New users can navigate within minutes of logging on for the first time
  • No database system knowledge required


CAMS is designed using the highest security standards guaranteeing the privacy of all information. This security has been achieved without impeding authorized access to information.

  • Meets all legal security and privacy requirements
  • Your agency always owns the data
  • Data is always stored in Canada
  • Encryption is used to securely transfer data (SSL certificate using 2048 bits encryption).


As there is no installation required, CAMS is available anywhere in Canada there is an internet connection. Updates are facilitated seamlessly.

  • No installation or plug-ins needed
  • Software versions updated seamlessly
  • Data stored in server farm for maximum reliability and security


  • CAMS is user friendly and easy to understand. In addition, the technical support is prompt and efficient so that their response time to trouble shooting is unparalleled. Our agency has been completely satisfied with CAMS.

    Lorraine Short
    Langley Community Services Society
  • It is web-based which means access from home and work. Security features are built in and we benefit from the secure site. Roll up reports of all kinds make access to stats really easy. Information that may be needed for grant applications or funders is accessible easily and at a touch of a button.

    Llse Schafli
    MRPM Community Services
  • CAMS can be a perfect tool for agencies who are looking to do their own internal research and evaluations

    Annie Smith
    Executive Director, McCreary Centre Society

Find answers to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using CAMS?

  • Information stored in CAMS is kept private and secure
  • Meets reporting requirements and accreditation standards
  • It saves time. Data entered once is used in multiple reports and pages
  • Reports are designed to ensure information is neither under nor over-reported
  • Helps develop consistency of service and record keeping across your agency

Who owns the data?

All data is owned by your agency. Should the agency cease to use CAMS its data will be returned. No data will be used in any way without the permission of the agency.

Where is the data stored?

All data is backed up and stored in Canada.

Do I have to install anything on my computer?

No. As CAMS is a web-based program, reviewing the protection provided for your computer network is a wise step.

Where can I access CAMS?

Anywhere in Canada there is an internet connection.

Do Help Desk staff and programmers sign a confidentiality agreement and require police and Correctional Services Canada clearance?


What security measures are in place to ensure only authorized personnel have access to the data?

Each agency has control of their data base. The system requires a double login process using a unique username and password. Any data transfer is protected by an SSL Certificate.

What privacy measures are in place to limit access to only those authorized to see records?

CAMS uses an Access Control List which grants or denies access based on the user and their type of account.

What checks are in place to ensure data is accurate?

CAMS reports are designed so data can be reviewed quickly & effectively. The number of search engines and built in reports allows data to be cross referenced and tested to ensure reliability.