CAMS team now offers a range of training options. Almost all training is covered as part of the monthly fee.

Any person who has a valid CAMS account can either call the CAMS helpdesk or submit a change edit request asking for support at any time. The helpdesk is staffed Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm (PST) except on Statuary (BC) holidays. The calls and change edit requests are responded to as soon as possible.

Online training (Covered in the monthly fee)

CAMS staff will spend as much time as needed to teach people to fish instead of fishing for them. This means that if a change edit request is submitted and the request demonstrates there is a better way of doing the work we will spend the time explaining how to use CAMS to its maximum, rather than simply doing what was asked. Demand is managed.

One to One training (Covered in the monthly fee)

People responsible for programs or training staff on CAMS can also book one to one sessions to ensure that CAMS is being used to its maximum. (If it is anticipated that the training is going to take over half an hour we would prefer some notice).

Demos Of the CAMS System (Free)

Agencies that are looking at database systems can book an online demonstration of the system. To do this please email or call 604 897-7532 and speak with Stephen Quinlan.

Day Workshops (cost to attend)

Three times a year CAMS puts on training days that bring together CAMS users from different agencies that share similar learning opportunities and challenges. In these workshops the learning is done by formal teaching and from sharing ideas with others in the workshop. There is a fee to attend these workshops. Examples of workshops that can be put on are CAMS and CARF How CAMS helps with managing a caseload.

Workflow - (individual goal setting and strength based work with clients) Measurements for programs to improve the quality of service.

Other workshops can be put on as requested.

Database Consultation (fee changed)

CAMS staff can provide consultation for agencies that are implementing database systems that are provided to agencies from their funders.

Below is a link to a video that was made as part of a continuous learning module for PLEA staff about privacy and protecting information.

Check out this amazing TED Talk:

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